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This site is dedicated to the happy life and loving memory of our beloved Natalie Joy. Natalie was born on July 29, 2005 and died suddenly in her sleep on March 18, 2007. (For more information on sudden unexplained death in childhood, visit She was 19 months and 18 days old.

Natalie leaves behind her loving family: Her mommy, Beth, her daddy, Christopher, her adoring big sister, Roslyn, and her little brother, Gabriel, who was born after she passed and never had the joy of meeting his other big sister. Our lives are shattered with grief and sorrow. Our hearts are broken. Her life was truly a gift that was taken away much too soon. We treasure every moment we had together. We have lost our precious baby girl and the world has lost a beaming star. We love you, Natalie. We will remember you always. Always, sweet girl. Always.
Please click on "Her Timeline" to share in Natalie's happy, joyful life. Go to "Her Legacy" to read the inspirational sermon from her Memorial Service and two beautiful poems.

For more about our lives as we must go on without our sweet Natalie, please visit 
Beth's Girls + Boy, a blog about my life with and without my children.

The beautiful music you hear on the site is an original song by our friend Fiona Jackson, composed for Natalie in 2007.

Thank you for visiting this site and for paying tribute to Natalie with us.

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Tributes and Condolences
My Sweet Natalie,   / Beth Adamo (mother)
Mommy wants you to know how much I love you, sweetie. SO MUCH! I love you SO MUCH! I miss you, sweet girl. I miss hearing you call for me, “Mommy!” when you wake up. I miss opening the door and seeing you standing there, ready for me to s...  Continue >>
A Secret Picnic   / Sharon &. Hope
I was strolling my 13-month old daughter through Swan Point yesterday, a beautiful and unusually fresh August day. Hope began to fuss. Up ahead, I spotted a whimsical wooden gazebo overlooking the bay. The rules for visiting the cemetary said "n...  Continue >>
Remember  / Daddy (Father)
Angel,   I miss you more and more each day. Always love.   Daddy
I am so sorry for your loss   / Wendy Lincoln (aquaintance)
Hi Beth and Christopher I just visited the website and discovered your tragic news. I met your family at a training that Chris did in South County for staff working with teen mothers. Natalie and yourself were there and I remember what a delighf...  Continue >>
Thinking of you with love   / Stacey Mihaly (friend)
Natalie my love, You have been on my mind nearly constantly.  You are loved and dearly missed.  Your beautiful face, emblazoned in the brain is as vivid today as it was over two years ago.  Always, Stacey
On this day  / Marie Malchodi (family friend )    Read >>
I'm so very sorry...  / Ileana IgnacioRattaro's Mom (passer by )    Read >>
Dear... / Erin Killoran     Read >>
A Song of Joys  / Joy Kathleen King (friend)    Read >>
Thinking of you...  / Mary Lou Proia (friend of Mom )    Read >>
Thinking of you  / Karen Welser (family friend )    Read >>
Thoughts & Prayers  / The Duncan Family     Read >>
Happy Birthday sweet Natalie  / Fiona Jackson (friend of your father )    Read >>
Happy birthday, Natalie!  / Leslie Lowenstein (friend)    Read >>
Sweet Natalie Joy  / Kate Bowden (Friend of Beth )    Read >>
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Happy Natalie, Christmas 2006
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